We're excited to report the completion of ABDK's audit and the upcoming start of an additional audit with OpenZeppelin!

Since we began the ABDK audit, our team has worked to improve the protocol and has already put many of the suggested modifications into practice. Soon, all of the improvements will be incorporated into our codebase and we will announce the final report from ABDK and the changes implemented.

The ABDK audit took place over a period of about three months, and it contained numerous insightful and thorough comments on our code. It's significant that no design faults in the system were identified. We will undoubtedly address the handful of serious issues that were found, and nothing was related to fundamental design issues or the feasibility of the platform. The majority of issues related to improved variable names and gas optimizations. We are now eager to put all the proposed modifications into practice and we will examine the more debatable suggestions.

Since the audit started, we have made significant changes to the codebase and ABDK has now assisted us in confirming the system's design.

After fully integrating the ABDK audit with our current code, we are excited to announce that we will start a second audit, this time with OpenZeppelin. This work will commence in early March and is anticipated to end in May. (the end date is subject to change).

We will be communicating the full report from ABDK soon and as the next step, we can't wait to collaborate with OpenZeppelin. We will share more details on this soon.

Please reach out with any questions! In this year's second quarter, we are eager to launch our platform to the testnet.


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