What is OpenZeppelin?

OpenZeppelin is the leading provider of crypto and cybersecurity technology and services. They offer an open-source framework for developing safe smart contracts and complete best-in-class security audits for the largest DeFi and NFT projects.

OpenZeppelin Contracts provides an interface for developers to create Solidity and Cairo smart contracts via a stable API. With interactive wizard tools or Remix, developers can employ security practices to create ECR20, ECR721, ECR1155, Governor, and bespoke smart contracts.

Around 30k developers utilize OpenZeppelin’s tools and libraries to create Web3 DApps.

OpenZeppelin has audited many projects, including Polygon, Optimism, projects in the Ethereum Foundation, Matter Labs, The Graph, Compound, etc., and now Panoptic.

What is the purpose of this audit?

An audit is a comprehensive assessment of our codebase from a security and quality standpoint. OpenZeppelin will verify that our distributed system functions as intended. Auditors and engineers from OpenZeppelin will thoroughly examine the architecture and coding of our system.

We regularly touch base with the auditing team throughout the audit and describe our platform’s intended purpose and any relevant concerns.

The result will be a comprehensive report containing actionable feedback for each identified issue.

Bringing Panoptic to the highest level of security standards

Panoptic recently concluded its first audit with ABDK and has made all the proposed modifications. In addition, we’ve migrated our testing framework to Foundry.

Now that the leading auditing firm will audit Panoptic, our protocol will be among the safest and most risk-minimized in the industry.

Beyond the audit

Our responsibility regarding the security and safety of the Panoptic protocol does not end when our audits are complete.

OpenZeppelin also offers continuous security to our development lifecycle via custom-tailored services and infrastructure. Something we will be taking advantage of as well.

Ultimately, our objective is to provide a risk-minimized and secure product for all consumers that the top auditor in this industry will bolster.

The audit report will be made accessible to the public for review.