We are proud to announce that Simtopia.ai, a private risk management organization leveraging cutting-edge Machine Learning and broader AI technologies, and Panoptic have joined forces to further research panoptions, our revolutionary perpetual options product. 

There will be multiple stages to the partnership, the first of which has already begun, with the end goal of quantifying and enabling the best returns for Panoptic LPs, ensuring the lowest risk for users of Panoptic and the long-term health of the protocol. 

The world-class research team behind Simtopia has extensive knowledge in quant risk modeling and management, and they will first examine both the similarities and differences between panoptions and TradFi options products. Key risk management factors have been defined, quantified, and stress-tested based on the work done thus far. Future stages will continue to narrow in on specifying exact values of risk parameters and historical back- and forwardtesting. 

Specifically in the context of our application, Simtopia are experts in the fields of:

• Automatic risk management

• Monitoring of systemic risk

• Testing for robustness and resilience

• Evaluation of economic soundness

• Continuous monitoring and stress testing against adversarial scenarios

We will continue to disseminate key Research findings as we build out the product and expand to bring permissionless, decentralized, oracle-free, perpetual options to the world.