Meet the Team

Guillaume draws on his extensive background as a world-renowned expert and Professor in Applied Physics at Cornell University, with a focus on Biophysics, whose mathematical foundations are strikingly similar to those of options.

Guillaume Lambert


Jesper holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and Computer Science from Cornell University and has previously led a large Web3 Research Organization, where he also authored a book on AMMs. He brings a wealth of industry experience spanning research and development, software development operations, and financial management.

Jesper Kristensen


A fledgling entrepreneur turned crypto enthusiast turned blockchain engineer,
Henry got his start in crypto building data-driven value extraction and arbitrage strategies.
He built a crypto data company on an Ethereum sidechain before shifting focus to EVM development.
In his free time, he enjoys long runs and games of Counter-Strike.

Henry Frederick

Solidity Engineer

A dedicated and disciplined software engineer with 10 years of extensive experience in Blockchain and Web development. He always tries to implement the very best approaches and paradigms. Joshua’s main goal is to work with ambitious and agile startup owners and entrepreneurs who can visualize and describe their ideas. He is fully experienced in the agile development environment.

Joshua Wong

Web3 Engineer

Juan holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the EPFL, Switzerland, where he focused on developing advanced Monte Carlo methods for uncertainty quantification and the simulation of stochastic processes. He has worked as a research consultant in web3 for years. He has successfully worked on various projects, including automated market makers, crypto-native derivatives, gas modeling, and incentive design. Juan is an avid craft brewer and enjoys cooking, watching movies, and spending time with his dog in his free time.

Juan Cianci


Brandon is a highly analytical and driven individual with a background in mathematics, economics, and computer science. He has experience in financial markets, working as a quant at Goldman Sachs and Kyber. In his free time, he enjoys hitting the slopes and cooking Vietnamese cuisine.

Brandon Ly